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25 Ways to Launch and Promote A Book

A question arises: How are the authors going to publish and market their book in 2020?

Book marketing is a term which has two main parts:

  • Launching a book
  • Promoting a book

Now Don’t you want to be a best-selling author, with a majority share in profits?

We hear your problem, and some tips from us will surely help you in launching and promoting your book.


25 Tips to Increase sales of your book

1. Have a Proper Mindset for the Book

Book marketing is all about having a proper mindset, which will surely lead you towards success.

You need to keep a few points in the mind for that-

  • Marketing is nothing but telling a good story, so try to be creative as much as possible. Also if it’s not your first time then you will already have an advantage.
  • Books will show your personality, it will show how you like to be with people.
  • It’s all about sharing what you have created but should target the correct audience.
  • At last, you are only responsible for your success or your failure so try not to blame  anyone

2. Have a Professional Book Cover

We all know that the first impression is the last impression, So if the cover of your book is not good enough or attractive then you are lagging from starting only.

You can hire an Expert for this if you want to save time in learning this.

But if you want to learn how to make professional covers then read books like these which will help you Cover Secrets by Ed Lewis book Cover Design Secrets You Can Use to Sell More Books by Derek Murphy.

3. Promote Your book on Website

For launching a book first you need to optimize your website, which will need you to cover these points

  • Good Content
  • CTA ( Call To Action)
  • Email opt-in forms
  • Social Media Links

We need to do this because we want to divert more traffic on our website so that more sales are possible, for that optimized site is a must.

Always keep branding in your mind because the brand is your story and it’s important how you represent it.

Brand will sell you before it will sell your books and most important is that your website should be based for your branding.

These books can help in optimizing your author website and establish you and your brand are Sell More Books Using Your Author Website by Radu Balas and Author Identity by Angie Mroczka.

4. A Sizzling Author Bio

You want to be a brand for more sales so the author bio will play a major role in that.If people will find you interesting then only they will find your book interesting, so always try to write a creative bio about yourself which will help your customer know more about you.

5. Crisp Description

Once people will click on the cover, make sure the book description won’t switch off people’s interest. You want them to read it to CTA or at least enough to convince them to feel that it is what they need.

For engaging them use big font size for key phrases and should have bullet-point lists to know their wants and how the book will satisfy them. You can also use a bulleted list to share “what other readers are saying.”

Books that can help with this include How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis by Bryan Cohen and Book Descriptions That Sell by Dr. Gary Webb.

6. Select the Right Publisher

Self-Publishing from the Expert in the industry is needed because the right plan is needed always for launching and promoting a book if you are doing self-publishing you need to have these points in the back of your mind:

  • Create a book cover by combining the best of multiple templates
  • Enhance your book with additional images and illustrations
  • Stand out on the digital platform with a customized author website
  • Promote your book on twitter with our customized twitter marketing campaign setup
  • Keep in touch with your audience with the help of email marketing strategies.
  • Manage your marketing strategy at all times with the help of our marketing assistance manager
  • Achieve maximum social media coverage with coordinated marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

   You can get all this from a Right Publisher only.

 7. Social Media Marketing

Writing a book is a long term commitment so you will need the support of your friends and motivation from them so SMM will help you.

8. Your Book’s Interior

Use the interior of the book for more connection to your website and in that way you can provide them with a few additional and exciting offers which will help you in gaining more traffic to your website.

9. Blog Tours

It’s like writing a guest blog and sharing other blogs of the authors so when the time comes they will also share about your book which will increase your reach.

10. Author Events

A library near you might be interested in hosting a book launch for you but the on the date of your book launch its possible that it’s not free and also the marketing for the local community is always not possible by other means then meeting personally so it will solve the problem

11. Author Meet-Ups

You can schedule local meet-ups using your Facebook author page, an event page, or a private Facebook author group. Invite members (or all your Facebook friends). They might love a chance to meet you in person and buy a signed copy directly from you.

Don’t forget that some of your email subscribers might also be local. Invite them, too!

12. Online Author Events

You can arrange these types of events using the free Shindig app. It will help to communicate with other authors and also you can motivate others to buy your book and promote it.

13. Free Book Progress Plugin

This widget is all for increasing excitement as it will tell others the progress of your book and get them excited about it.

It tells whether the book is completed and ready for sale or not. (It is for WordPress ) All you need is available in the free version but you can always go for advance options in premium

14. Free My Book Table Plugin (also for WordPress)

This widget is search optimized and helps your book look more professional to the customers. Also

It even lets your fans read a preview of your Kindle book (the “look inside”) before clicking over to the Amazon sales page.

Like Book Progress it is also available for WordPress and  all you need is available in the free version but you can always go for advance options in premium

15. Fan Reviews on Your Facebook Author Page

Ask your fans to put book reviews on your Facebook author page. They can also post links to reviews they’ve left on your Amazon sales page.

Even if they haven’t done that yet, if they post a heartwarming review on your author page, you can add that to your book’s description.

Encourage them to be creative and post videos or voice memos in lieu of written comments, if they’d rather. Let them know you may add their words to your book’s sales page or to your website to share with a larger audience.

16. Facebook Videos

Use Facebook Videos to interact with your fans and

Continuously engage them with the task and use UGD (User Generated Data) for more marketing online.

17. Weekly Twitter chats with readers

 Check out established Twitter chats like the ones listed on Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s online index of Twitter Chats for Writers. Take the time to meet and encourage other writers who participate in these chats.

18. Facebook Live Q & A about Your Book

Use Facebook for solving the queries posted by readers of your book and also narrating some interesting facts about your book.

19. Thoughtful comments on other Blogs

To earn the trust of bloggers you need to give some insightful information that can be done by leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs so people will read it and drive towards your website.

20. Use Quora

This Q & A site is very useful for letting people know about your book and the views from this website make a easy fan base for you.


21. Ask local stores to carry paperback copies of your book

Ask local stores around you to keep copies of your book so they can help you in promoting your book.

It does not need to be a grocery store, try a Boutique or Salon where it can be seen in the eyes of the local public.

22. Hire a freelance publicist

It’s not necessary that it is in your marketing budget but if you can afford it then a publicist can be very useful in scheduling your meeting or events so you can save hours of your time and focus on your writing.

 23. Paid book promotions

These promotions are more reliable than the free ones and if you want to have a sale of your book in the first few weeks then it’s worth the investment.

Here are some suggestions that can be helpful-

24. Facebook Ads

If you are new to copywriting and don’t know how or whom to target then Facebook Ads are the best for you.

It requires some investment but it is worth it.

 25. Amazon Giveaway

Try to share your giveaway with people who are more likely to do this.

Did you get value from this?

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