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Self-Publishing: How to price your book?

A book, as we see, has been a medium to a greater way of understanding and moving the world with fidelity. But to write something like this is a roller coaster. Here, you will learn about pricing your book and selling it at the right book sale price.

After you’ve finished writing a manuscript, there are a million edits that still seem to gather way as u make your work into a masterpiece. The aspect of editing a book serves as a key segment of work that determines the quality that you tend to achieve. It is better to term it in a process, easy, but still a stack of instructions, as to how to self-publish a book? As time goes, you will climb the ladder and come to the task of pricing a book. It contains a lot of variables that are to be looked upon and if, well-worked, could give you a ton of profit.

Other than getting into the book pricing technical endeavors, let us look at the way how it should be done.

Aspects to look at when pricing your book.

Book pricing competition

Look at the Competition (How did they price a book):

Take a look at what prices is the competition selling a book at. Focus on your genre and the exact competition you wish to tackle with your book. Analyze what advantages you have over them, for example, if they don’t sell e-copies, you could work on an ebook, perhaps.

When you look at similar books it gives you an idea as to, where to start when pricing a book. Things like the book size, the kind of pages, and the format the book is made in are also some things to look at while pricing a book. This work of book analysis would give you an idea about how the competition is pricing a book and what you must work on next.

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Think about your aim of selling a book

Decide what do you want out of a Book:

Determining what is your aim with this work, is as important as doing the work itself and should be the key point of focus when pricing a book.

Usually, what we as humans assume here is, there’s always the same aim and the work is focused on how to sell books as much as we can. But there can be different views of people. While people focus on selling the maximum number of books, the motive behind it could be either they want to reach a lot of readers, start a movement, or perhaps just letting the world know what kind of life they lived.

There are a million other things one would want from a book. Think about what your endgame is, with the book, and the pricing is playing a major role in it already.

Price book attractively

Price Book Attractively:

After you’ve analyzed the competition and know what your aim is with the book, you must focus on upgrading with advantages and form a clear pricing technique with a book. 

Here’s a tip: a clear advantage would be to price just slightly economical than your competition. There are the following advantages of a pricing strategy like this:

  • To a buyer, if the expense is less towards the book, and psychologically, it would attract him to buy your book.
  • The buyer usually has a feeling in the head like, I want to buy a book, and with an attractive price, you’re converting the buyer and compensating less on the profit margin, as the sale volume would tend to be more with coming time.

Pricing strategies such as this can help you effectively price a book and look at a greater accomplishment of your aim.

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Right size for a book

Find the Right Size for Book:

There’s a lot of sizes in which books are made. You should always measure what size suits your work the most. For example, the trim size for non-fiction books is usually 5×8, 5.5×8.5, or most commonly 6×9.

So, for such a book these sizes would be the trendline of the book. Apart from the trim size, the overall look also plays an important part in attracting a buyer.

In this time, where we have unique buyer vibes while looking for a specific book, there are common traits that can trigger such feelings to in the end make the buyer select your book.

One of them, for example, would be hardcover books. A majority of the population likes hardcover books and would usually tend towards your book as it gives them a certain feeling of likeliness for the book.

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Ink Your Thought

Professional Recommendations from Ink Your ThoughtTM:

This is the answer to “Find recommendations from a professional on a book”. With Ink your Thought, your book is not only going to be a standout but exceptional.

With experts working on this domain for almost 2 decades now, the expertise in the work and recommendation given will surely improve your work with a better mix to attain your goals.

The advantages would include, but not limited to:

  • A better-finished product.
  • A truly attractive book to embrace your work in it.
  • Better market analysis recommendation, to increase the sale of the book.
  • An exceptional experience of the most creative form of making a book and being a part of it.

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Special offers on books

Schemes and offers on the book:

As your book starts to sell, you must audit the market periodically as you reach milestones and manage the pricing of the book effectively.

The inclusion of offers and certain perks would boost the sale volume on a festival and other special occasions. Limited edition edits, insights, and various other things that engage your audience more to the book would enhance presence and increase the sale volume.

If you plan to expand to a global market, then price your book for that specific market and perhaps get more book sales.

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In the pursuit of self-publishing a book, look over to these aspects to price a book and benefit the most from your work most effectively. Remember, the only difference between people who win and who don’t, are three words: the right efforts.

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