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Ways to Increase Writing Productivity

Here we’ll discuss some ways in which you can increase your writing productivity and write as much as you can and manage other life aspects as well.

Is the time coming in between you and your milestone of a book? You want to write but cannot take out enough time to do so? Is your story taking ages to finish in words? Well I’m sure most of us have had these questions in our mind while we write a book, haven’t we?

Well, that’s the best thing about productive discipline in people. They efficiently manage all tasks and squeeze out the maximum productivity in a day.

deadline for writing

Set Writing Deadlines:

If you sign a conventional publishing contract, you will be given a timetable for writing, edits, and release. You know what you have to do and when you have to do it. For self-publishing writers, that is not the case. They can make the whole thing at their pace and just about when they’re done, they can start printing within a smaller stretch of time.

Before you start doing anything, just make some set of a periodic deadline, so that you know what you have to accomplish by the end of the period. This may be flexible, but would at least ping you regarding the passing time and make you prioritize your work for the needed workload.

Your deadlines can be based on daily work, weekly ones, or maybe event-based. For example, you may think, “I want to finish writing the first draft of my work by the end of the summer holidays” or “I should be able to finish the first chapter of my book by this weekend”.

These deadlines would keep you in check for the workload you assign to yourself. Deadlines will play an important part in increasing your overall productivity and make you finish your work on time, if not before.

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reward yourself on your work

Reward yourself on your work:

See, work and rewards go hand in hand. If you reward yourself when you reach a milestone, you’ll have that spark alive in you, to keep working and not stop or slow down.

Treat yourself with the thing you crave, as soon as you meet the workload. For example, you want to go to a fancy restaurant to eat your favorite dessert. But, you have enough workload to keep you occupied. So when you finish your work for the week, take some time off and go to that restaurant you wanted to go to.

Reward yourself at times to give yourself a break and also enjoy other things in life as well.

make an everyday schedule

Make an everyday writing schedule:

Apart from writing, there are other things as well, that we as humans have to deal with, daily. Scheduling these things would mark up the time you need to put in each aspect of daily work. For example set your wake-up time, lunchtime, coffee breaks, etc.  With this work, you must also schedule your writing work as per your liking of handling your writing process. If you want to take breaks after every session, keep the session for an ample amount of time.

If you tend to take short breaks or like doing your work in small segments, you can do it for an hour and take a 10 min break for instance. A schedule like this would make you organize your day, settle your priorities in.

As a result, you will have increased your daily productivity while managing other tasks as well.

Manage your Life Cycle:

Manage your Life Cycle:

In the pursuit of finishing your work on time, it’s not meant that you skip essential things in life. For example, sleep. It is not advisable to push yourself on caffeine every now and then and skip sleep time. This will not only make you less productive in the long run but also tends to make you less creative and your rain would be tired and unable to think like it normally does.

That is also the case with other things in life. No need to skip your daughter’s birthday or a dinner date with your partner in the race to finish all your work.

Remember, you can balance your work and life to the level you want it to be. Not more than that.

Decide What You Want:

Decide What You Want:

This may be the most essential point. At the end of the day, we all have the same 24 hours. We all have folks we care about and would like to spend time with. We all have bills to pay. We all need to eat, exercise, clean, do housework, and see friends… and… Well, it’s a non-ending list, I feel.

To conclude, I’d say:

You will make time if you genuinely want to write this book.

You will make the time if you wish to prove you can conclude a manuscript.

You’re going to have to make the time if you want to be a full-time writer and live with your writings.

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