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Why Self Publish?

Does this simple question come to every author of a book or a writer that why to self-publish?

The answer is Yes, every author thinks that my book is great and every other publisher will be willing to publish my book.

As a matter of fact, I think I will be getting 6 figure salaries in advance by traditional publishing and can buy a car, house, or an expensive gift for my wife.

In the light of being famous where everyone will want my autograph and photograph. Will I have enough time do to the interviews, which is equally important, or to go on the various book tours?

Every author thinks like that only but it’s not that easy to be accepted by the publishers.

More than 99% of manuscripts of books get rejected and the point is that you won’t be able to find the reason, conclusively.

Even established authors cannot guarantee that his previous publisher will accept their next manuscript.

Now Even if a manuscript gets accepted, it will take at least 1-2 years to see daylight with a strong possibility of it getting rejected or postponed at the last minute because the chief editor did not like something about it.

So aspiring authors should try their luck with self-publishing.

Consider these 7 benefits

Consider these 7 Benefits for Self-publishing

1.  You can be Your Own Boss and publish

Firstly, have you ever thought about what motivates entrepreneurs?  Most of them want to be their own boss. They value their freedom more than anything. Self-Publishing is also a way to be your own boss

2.Moving at your own pace

Another advantage is that you can move at your own pace so you can write a book like a part-time job so you don’t have to leave your primary job.

3. Save More Time

Traditional publishing will need 1-2 years for getting approved and published but with self-publishing, you can get the book published in a few weeks or months.

4. Value to Money

More than anything we value money so it’s obvious the option which will provide more value to our money is beneficial.

The plans vary according to your budget and the need so it’s in your hand to choose what is best for you.

5. More Profit Share with self-publish

With self-publishing profit share that you get is around 50%-60% but in traditional publishing, you will have only 10%-15% share.

6. Test Yourself

Above all, you can just write small books and test how you are doing against other authors and check that you can be an author or not without spending much of your time, effort, and fortune.

7. Promote as you want

By all means, one major advantage of this is that you can promote your book as much as you want and wherever you want.

It’s not that your books will be sold only in book stores but there are various Services that can be used and many other platforms can be used.

Now you only think that Is it not wise to spend some money and effort on publishing your book rather than waiting for an agent to call you or get your manuscript accepted by publishers.

Writer Quote

The major difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing

What you get Self-Publishing Traditional Publishing
Control of book outcome You have sole control over the book’s outcome whether its success or failure. No sole control over the book you cannot express everything.
Control of book rights Sole control over the rights of the book is there in self-publishing Not all the rights are given regarding the books
Control over cover Cover design and all the graphics are controlled by you only. All the decisions regarding cover are not in your hand.
Control over story The main plot and will to write or create every character in the story is yours. Story needs to be approved by all the board members.
Royalties 100% of royalty Less than 100% of royalty
Editing Editing is not included Full editing is included
Marketing Marketing needs to be done by you only, which has the benefit that you can promote your book as much as you want and on as many platforms you want The marketing is done by the company only or we can say it is included.
Deadlines Deadlines can be flexible also in self-publishing. Most deadlines are fixed
More Profit More profit share is there in self-publishing Less profit share is in traditional publishing
Creativity In self-publishing there is not creativity control, you can be as creative as you want In traditional publishing, the author cannot write whatever he wants
Competition There is less competition in self-publishing so it will be more feasible There is more competition so it’s not more feasible there.

Is it worth it to self-publish?

The question still comes to our mind that is it worth it, So the answer is yes, my friends it’s totally worth opting for the option of self-publishing.

A lot of us are misinformed that you won’t get much money or promotion in self-publishing. Those people don’t know how to market and promote their books.

You need to have an expert in the industry with a lot of experience that can help you in publishing your dream book.

Think Outside the box

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