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Copy editing is the process of removing grammatical and spelling errors, and remove inconsistencies such as in formatting and sentence structure.

In Copy editing we thoroughly check your book to ensure that no errors remain in your book before it is released.

Cover and interior design

In basic cover design, a book cover is designed from a template of the author’s choice that they can handpick from a library of professionally designed covers. The author can also provide their own template if they prefer to do so.
In the premium cover design process, we work with multiple preexisting templates to create a cover for your book. This helps create a more custom looking cover of your book.
In the advanced cover design, a much more comprehensive design process is used for creating the cover. A higher level of customization can be done to the cover template to e create the unique feel to your book.
For authors who want the well polished treatment for their books. In this service, we create a book cover entirely from scratch to ensure that the book fits as closely to the author’s vision as possible.

In premium interior design, carefully preset templates are used to typeset your interior to a specific trim size.

In advanced interior design, the selected template can be customized to achieve a more unique feel to your book.

The interior of the book is created entirely from scratch, as per the author’s specifications through proper planning and research to achieve a completely unique interior.

This interior design service is suited for style guides and catalogues, which are tailored according to the publisher’s brand style.

We have a team of expert graphic designers who are capable of creating illustrations and images for your book, as per the author’s vision. We work closely with the author to ensure that these illustrations are what the author needs.

eBook Services

Sell your book in both physical and digital form with the help of our eBook creation service, where we carefully convert your book into a digital ready version.

Make your eBook available to multiple online retailers through our eBook distribution service

Bring your book to life with the help of a mobile app that is tailored to your book. A mobile app provides a much richer multimedia experience compared to a normal eBook.


Behind every successful author is a recognized brand. A website dedicated to the author is one of the powerful way for the author to establish their brand. We help set up the author with their own website that they can use to stand out in the digital space.

In this service, we help create and maintain the author’s personal website. The Website serves as the author’s portfolio, designed to match the author’s style and theme.

Using Email marketing, we help you reach out to potential customers through powerful messages that appeal to your target audience.

Advertise your book on popular social media channels with the help of our social media marketing service. Authors can utilize this service to reach out to online readers through targeted social media campaign.

Sales and Distribution

Keep track of your book sales with the help of our transparent sales notification system.

Distribute your books across multiple sales channels across India like Amazon, Flipkart and Ingram, among the few.

The author is entitled to 100% profits on sales as per the non-exclusive agreement between us and the author.

ISBN and Copyright

An ISBN(Short for International Standard Book Number) is a unique 13 digit number assigned to each edition and publishing format of a book. It is used by publishers and distributors to identify the title, author, publisher and the country or language of the book. A barcode is included at the back of the book cover to identify the ISBN by scanners. We allocate ISBN free of charge to the authors who publish with us.

Copyright is issued on your book by the Registrar of Copyright, Government of India. It protects you and your book from infringement. We ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for the author.

A barcode is used to identify and keep track of a book for distribution. We provide a barcode free of charge for all books published with us.

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