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20 Mantras To Begin, Build & Boost Any Career



About the book

If you have chosen a career, might as well make it extraordinary.

After all, you are going to spend 40 years of your life living it.

These 20 Mantras are designed to make you want to build an awesome career irrespective of the field you are in.

This book should be a part of your induction kit, your mid-career guide, and your reference for Leadership. Our personal promise – your career WILL RISE.

“20 Mantras To Begin, Build & Boost Any Career ” is the Bible, Quran, and Gita for the above thought processes to become a reality of your life. This, as a result, will create creative restlessness in you.

Likewise, it will:

  • push you, ignite you, challenge you. It will force you to do the right things for an extraordinary life.
  • help you to study the essentials of Life Maximization.
  • support you with thoughts that will move you forward.
  • help you to stay away from the ego that success naturally brings.
  • enlighten you with the thought that a truly maximized life is a product of great sacrifice, difficulty & pain.
  • help you to set your non-negotiable standards
  • guide you on the principles of whom you should be surrounded by
  • make you a seeker
  • build in you the capability to share & to whom & why it will make you shine
  • it will help you to do “Halla Bol”.
  • make you take a stand & speak for what is right
  • give solutions to your difficult problems
  • show & tell you how to become a specialist
  • help you to save time, effort & money
  • give you a gist of what is essential for growth
  • set you apart
  • help you to RISE
  • show you the path for thriving & not surviving
  • make you succeed in your endeavors.
  • teach you the importance of complete unconditional surrender.

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