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Are You A Winner or Whiner is ‘One Stop Solution’ for you- if you are a Dreamer, Challenge-Taker, and Action-Oriented; you can take an advantage of the insights. It is the about clear vision by creating your own vision board. It has numerous worksheets, which relate to your challenges. This has included Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), your own psychology, various learning and experiences of the characters; mentioned in the chapters. Because of the versatility of this book– is worth for the students, job aspirants, professionals, businessmen, home-makers, health-freaks, better relationship and you can imply wherever you wish for.

In today’s swift lifestyle, we are bound to be fast, and we are lost in our day-to-day activities. We find ourselves, somewhere deviated from our target; sometimes we don’t notice the time; and at some point, we lose our focus.

Some people have a natural tendency to achieve a lot in their lives. They are so adaptable that they find it hard to surrender to any hardships that cross their paths – no roadblocks or blockages seem greater than their ambition to succeed. This kind of tendency develops, largely through the process of our perseverance, although some people find it as a natural phenomenon to them. Let’s not get into the latter part – after all, not everyone is born with the same quality.

But what about those who get succumbed to the challenges so easily? What is the difference between these two groups of people? The people who belonged to the first group know exactly what they want, why they want when they want, and how they want. They have their visions – they have cultivated their goals in life – the moment you are clear about your “what” and “why”, your “how” and “when” are going to fall in the right place inevitably!

This group of people is the winner in life – that doesn’t mean they never fail! But just because they are so clear of their dream, they dare to take the flight again and again until they reach their peak. You see, this is never going to be easy. We all know giving up is easier than this. But we didn’t take birth to give up so easily, right?

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