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Self Publishing: How To Sell Your Book

Well, you have taken your time, made a classy book, self-published it. But you don’t know how to sell your book. If that is the case, you are at the right place.

Read through this article and equip yourself with effectively selling your book through media and reaching as much audience as possible.

Trend in book selling

Know the Trend:

Look at the trendline of the time you wish to sell your book. See how people tend to react to them.

For example, as no one can practically go out and buy a book in this pandemic, they usually end up reading through an e-book of the same, or maybe they would order a physical copy from Amazon.

Whatever the trend is, you must optimize your selling process according to that. With this, you would enhance the number of audience engagement and save losing out on unworthy selling options.

Also know that trends tend to change abruptly, so be on a lookout of upcoming trends which would increase your sale.

To know more about such trends, visit this link.

appealing book cover helps to increase sales

Keep it Aesthetically Pleasing:

To sell your book, don’t make it too over-the-top based, or people would tend to choose between your book and other options.

Keep it normal, suit your genre, and don’t make it a 1000 pages book. If it’s lengthy make it in volumes.

Work on what would your ideal customer want your book to be like in reality. For example, for fiction books, the cover page is kept very attractive to engage the audience into reading.

It’s said to not judge a book by its cover, but most people do and that’s how the appeal is set.

For more info on book cover designs, click here.

Increase reach with ease

Keep it on Easy Reach:

If you plan to sell your book effectively, work on saving the time of your customer. The faster the book reaches the customer, the less they tend to change their mind.

If it’s an e-book, make sure it is easily available for your customer to access and they don’t have to click multiple times to just open a book.

If it’s an audiobook, make sure the audio plays right away and the customer doesn’t have to click too much for that.

For a normal book, keep it light, simple, and eye-friendly.

Use quality pages for printing as they tend to be soothing to the reader’s eyes and feel good in the hand.

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Analyze the demographic of the location of book sale:

Be sure to align with the customers you tend to sell your book to. Proper demographic alignment is necessary for effective sales of your book and to get positive feedback.

Make your book fit into a place where it should be and not to a crowd who is not in taste for your work.

Stay updated with what book lovers like. Click here and read on the likes of readers these days.

book review and podcasts

Reviews and Talks:

It is generally seen that people who tend to buy audiobooks, also listen to a ton of podcasts. To attract the audience from such places you could get a discussion rolled out on your book in a famous podcast.

A lot of book readers give their reviews in such podcasts and create a vibe for people to buy your book.

Collect as many reviews from people as you can. Good reviews will attract more audience into buying your book.

The more people talk about your book, the more media you stage too.

Click here to see the top book review podcasts you must follow in 2021.

Trials and Exchanges:

Trials and Exchanges:

For an e-book version, you might want to make your book available for readers for a short amount of trial period, offered by multiple booksellers.

Take for example, Amazon Kindle offers free prime reading for its prime users and a limited page trial to normal members.

In case of audiobooks, you would want your book to come free with audio subscriptions such as Audible.

With physical book books, a replacement policy would be effective.

See this, for example, a customer bought your book, received it, and then decided that they want a hard copy of the book. An easy replacement would avoid the hassle of ordering the book again.

With such practices, you are destined to make your book visible to a greater audience and also increase the sales of your book effectively.

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Price your book effectively

Price your book effectively:

Set the price of your book in a way, so it pleases the customer well, beats the competition, and is economic.

To know more about pricing your book, visit this link.

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